Monday, September 26, 2011

Manuel Zelaya, deposed president of Honduras returns fleetingly to Honduran territory.

Dance troop for the Canadian Christian Children's fund.

Nicaraguan Soccer championship final. Dennis Espinoza, goalie for the Walter Ferreti scores for his team.

Drug smugglers captured by the nicaraguan navy.

Animal clinic in Malacatoya, Granada, Nicaragua.

High mass at the Managua cathedral.

The Port-au-Prince cathedral destroyed by the earthquake.

Daniel Ortega speaks to the Sandinista faithful.

Pet parrot in Timal, Nicaragua.

Huricane Alma hits Poneloya, Leon, Nicaragua.

Hurricane Alma in Leon, Nicaragua.

San Sebastian, Diriamba, Carazo, Nicaragua.

Daniel Ortega casts his vote.

Sergio Chamorro misses a goal for the Real Esteli.

Horse clinic in Managua, Nicaragua.

Start of the rainy season in Mangua.

Resident of Managua during a protest demanding lower energy prices.

Daniel Ortega announces his run for the 2006 presidency.

Student riots in Managua.

Student riots in Managua.

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